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Speech at a Symposium on the Targeted Poverty Alleviation Campaign

After the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012, I held symposiums in Yan'an, Guiyang, Yinchuan, and Taiyuan with a number of provincial-level Party committee secretaries in which we planned poverty alleviation according to specific topics and stages and reviewed the progress that has been made in this regard.


Tackle the Most Challenging Tasks in Poverty Alleviation in Post-Covid-19

China's poverty alleviation endeavor has brought tremendous changes to the work and living conditions of people in poor areas.


Rising to Challenges and Remedying Shortcomings to Reach the Goal of Moderate Prosperity

We have made important progress on addressing inadequacies in the push toward moderate prosperity, by focusing on key sectors and challenges.


Enhancing Basic Social Assistance to Eradicate Extreme Poverty

Basic social assistance is an essential institutional arrangement for winning the fight against poverty, and represents the last line of defense in this fight.


Pave Roads for All to Reach Prosperity

The most arduous tasks associated with achieving moderate prosperity throughout Chinese society are those in rural areas, particularly impoverished rural areas.


Forging Powerful Synergy for the Global Fight Against Covid-19

Just three decades into the new century, the world has been hit by the gravest global crisis since World War II.


China's Experience in Safeguarding the Right to Life and Health in Epidemic Response

The novel coronavirus is the most broadly impactful global contagion that humanity has faced in the last century, and it has posed a serious threat to the health and safety of people all over the world.


Achieving a Better Quality of Moderate Prosperity Throughout Society

We need to prioritize targeted, scientific, and law-based pollution control measures in order to effectively and resolutely win the battle to prevent and control pollution.