A Holistic View of National Security

We need to acquire an accurate understanding of new developments and trends of the situation of national security, adhere to a holistic view and develop national security with Chinese characteristics.

Xi Jinping The Governance of China I

Safeguard National Security and Social Stability

Successfully safeguarding national security and social stability is particularly important for furthering the reform.

Xi Jinping The Governance of China I

Keep Hold of the Strategic Initiative for Our National Security

We should have an accurate understanding of the situation of our national security, and pursue a holistic approach to national security. We must take protecting our people's security as our mission, and adhere to the path of national security with Chinese features.

Xi Jinping The Governance of China II

Ensure Absolute Party Leadership over National Security

In terms of national security work in the new era, we should strengthen the Party's centralized and unified leadership, take cognizance of the current situation, adopt a holistic approach to national security, and strive for further progress.

Xi Jinping The Governance of China III

Pursue a Holistic Approach to National Security

We must guarantee national security in all respects and through all the work of the Party and the country, and take it into consideration together with social and economic development in our planning and dispositions.

Xi Jinping The Governance of China IV

Develop China on More Secure and Reliable Foundations

Experience has proved once again that we can build more secure and reliable foundations for our country’s development, as long as we develop a scientific mindset, follow the laws of science, and carry forward independent innovation.

Xi Jinping The Governance of China IV

Keep Food Security in Our Own Hands

The amount of cultivated land is limited, so the fundamental route to stabilizing and increasing production lies in science and technology.

Xi Jinping The Governance of China IV

Build a Strong National Shield Against Biosecurity Threats

Following the principles of people first, risk prevention, category-based management, and coordination, we will take stronger measures to prevent and curb biosecurity risks, improve the system and capacity for national biosecurity governance, and build a strong and effective national shield against biosecurity threats.

Xi Jinping The Governance of China IV
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