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Develop China on More Secure and Reliable Foundations

Source: Xi Jinping The Governance of China IV Updated: 2023-09-25

Develop China on More Secure and Reliable Foundations*

December 16, 2020

While taking a holistic approach to the domestic and international situation and coordinating epidemic response and economic and social development, we have gained a deeper understanding of how to grow the economy in the face of severe challenges and have summed up the factors contributing to our achievements as follows:

First, the authority of the CPC Central Committee is the fundamental guarantee for the whole Party and all the people in overcoming difficulties at critical moments.

Our national realities and the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics determine that in order to achieve our goals and meet the challenges on our way forward, we must uphold the centralized, unified leadership of the Party and the authority of its Central Committee.

Past experience shows clearly that at critical historical junctures or in the face of major tests, the ability to lead is the most important factor, while the Central Committee’s capacity to conduct assessments, make decisions and take action plays a key role. As long as we uphold the leadership of the Party and the authority of its Central Committee and unite the people closely around the Party, we will be able to move forward against all hardships and obstacles.

Second, putting the people first is the fundamental prerequisite for us to make correct decisions.

To address this most serious crisis, the Party maintains its stance which determines the direction and order of its action. Our Party represents the fundamental interests of the people and is committed to serving the public good and exercising power in the interests of the people. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, we have assigned high priority to people and their lives, and defined the optimal process – first control the epidemic spread; then resume work in some areas; and finally return to normal across the country.

Experience has proved once again that we can make correct decisions and overcome all difficulties as long as we put the people at the center of our concerns, regard their interests as the top priority, and always rely on their support.

Third, institutional strength provides a fundamental guarantee for us to unite to overcome difficulties and remove obstacles.

Success comes to those who share in one purpose. In the face of major disasters and crises, we have shown no fear and have united as one. We have brought into full play the political strengths of Party leadership and the socialist system. We can mobilize and coordinate resources from all regions, departments, sectors and fields, forming a level of synergy that has enabled us to overcome all these difficulties.

Experience has proved once again that we can unite the whole Party and all the people into a strong force to overcome difficulties and advance our cause, as long as we maintain confidence in China’s socialist path, theory, system and culture, and take advantage of our great political strength – the ability to mobilize resources and complete major missions.

Fourth, rational decision-making and creativity are the essential means to turn crisis into opportunity.

Extraordinary measures are needed to respond to extraordinary challenges. The present crisis, unlike the Great Depression of 1929 or the global financial crisis of 2008, is marked by the coincidence of supply disruption and falling demand, posing unprecedented challenges. Combining design of strategies with application of tactics, we have adopted both economic and social policies, stimulated supply and demand, leveraged our complete industrial system, increased material supply, and carried out cross-cyclical planning and counter-cyclical regulation, thus maximizing the results at a reasonable cost.

Experience has proved once again that we can create opportunities and remain invincible in our response to major risks, as long as we correctly understand and effectively respond to the situation, take action to make changes, bear in mind the general picture in making decisions, and implement them just as the arms employ the fingers without any difficulty.

Fifth, strength and self-reliance in science and technology are the fundamental support for development.

In our response to Covid-19, to changes in the external economic environment, and to pressure from foreign forces, we have paid more attention to the important role of science and technology. To protect people’s lives and health, we have applied science in preventing and controlling the spread of the virus and treating the disease. We have ensured the smooth functioning of industrial and supply chains through technological innovation. And we have made rapid breakthroughs in core technologies to clear bottlenecks in order to ensure economic security and promote high-quality development.

Experience has proved once again that we can build more secure and reliable foundations for our country’s development, as long as we develop a scientific mindset, follow the laws of science, and carry forward independent innovation.


* Part of the speech at the Central Conference on Economic Work.

(Not to be republished for any commercial or other purposes.)