Sound and Effective Institutions for Whole-Process People’s Democracy

The institutions for whole-process people's democracy include the state system of people's democratic governance, the people's congress system as the system of state power, the system of CPC-led multi-party cooperation and political consultation, the most extensive patriotic united front, the system of regional ethnic autonomy, and the system of primary-level self-governance.

How to do a good job in economic work in 2023

To do economic work in 2023, we need to have the overall strategic picture in mind. We should start with improving public expectations and boosting confidence in development.

Advancing High-Standard Opening Up in the New Era

On the new journey of the new era, to advance high-standard opening-up is of vital importance for achieving the Second Centenary Goal and realizing the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Requirements for High-Standard Opening Up in the Current Era

Unprecedented global and epochal changes are occurring, and China is seeking and promoting its own development amid a more complex and graver strategic environment.

Promoting strategic confidence in high-quality development

The Chinese economy continues to demonstrate its strong resilience, vast potential, and great vitality, and as its long-term positive fundamentals have remained unchanged, China's development still benefits from its solid foundations and favorable conditions.

China’s Achievements in Opening Up in the First Decade of the New Era

In the first decade of the new era that began in 2012, China has pursued a more proactive strategy of opening up and advanced a broader agenda of opening up across more areas and in greater depth.

Maintaining Firm Confidence in Chinese Economy

China has strategic conditions and advantages for the development. China's development stands at a new and higher historical starting point after ten years of development in the new era.

Striving for Stable, Healthy, and Sustainable Economic Development

Despite a volatile and complex situation abroad and the challenging tasks of advancing reform and development and ensuring stability at home, China possesses the conditions and capacity to achieve stable, healthy, and sustainable economic development.

New Progress in High-Quality Development

In addition to promoting stability and recovery of the economy, China has strengthened the leading role of innovation-driven development, proactively expanded high-standard opening up, and made steady progress in the transition to green development.

China's Economy Stays Resilient

The year of 2022 has witnessed a continuous increase in China's economic size, productive forces, composite national strength and international influence.

Guiding the Correct Direction for Private Economy’s Development

To uphold innovation-driven development. To strive to promote common prosperity. To participate in high-standard opening up. To accelerate the shift to green and low-carbon development.

The Important Role of Private Sector

It is a consistent policy of the CPC Central Committee that supporting the development of private sector.

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