Global Civilizations Initiative Promotes Higher Level International Cooperation

The GCI is a timely response to the urgent call of people around the world for greater solidarity and cooperation as well as concerted efforts to cope with global challenges.

Conserving and Utilizing Water Resources

Quickly achieving a fundamental transformation in water resource utilization and improving water use efficiency is a vital part of our comprehensive conservation strategy.

Boosting Protection and Management of Water Resources

In recent years, many longstanding environmental issues associated with rivers and lakes have been solved and growing numbers of rivers and river basins have been revitalized.

Enhancing the Legal Standing and Quality of Water Conservation

In recent years, notable progress has been made regarding law-based water management with the promulgation of laws and regulations, such as the Yangtze River Protection Law, the Yellow River Protection Law, and Regulations on Groundwater Management.

Boosting Scientific and Technological Innovation in Water Conservation

Following many years of arduous efforts, great progress has been made in scientific and technological innovations in water conservation, increasing the areas in which we have caught up with and surpassed other countries.

Developing Modern Water Conservation Infrastructure

Since the 18th CPC National Congress held in 2012, a host of major strategic water conservation projects have been under construction, thereby strengthening China's capacity to coordinate allocations of water resources, ensure sufficient water supply, and retain strategic reserves.

New Achievements in Tibet’s Human Rights Cause

Since the 18th CPC National Congress held in 2012, Tibet has secured all-around progress and historic achievements in its human rights and given shape to a development paradigm defined by political and social stability, a growing economy, ethnic unity, religious harmony, consolidated border-area security, and contentment in people's work and life.

Building Up China’s Agricultural Strength Based on Its Distinctive Features

We will develop strong agriculture based on robust supply guarantees, advanced scientific and technological equipment, effective operational frameworks, resilient industries, and strong competitiveness.

Furthering Rural Reform

Reform is an important instrument for promoting rural revitalization. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, we have continued rural reform, tackling many tough issues and delivering institutional achievements of fundamental and far-reaching importance.

Building a Beautiful and Harmonious Countryside that Is Desirable to Live and Work in

The evolution from building a beautiful countryside to building a beautiful and harmonious countryside represents a further enrichment and expansion of the dimensions and goals of rural development.

Creating More Channels for Increasing Rural Incomes

It is vital that we develop more avenues for rural residents to increase their incomes, with a focus on improving long-term mechanisms that will deliver sustained, rapid increases.

Reinforcing the Foundations of Food Security on All Fronts

In recent years, China has continuously recorded bumper harvests and maintained an ample food supply.

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