Development Blueprint and Future Direction for High-Quality Belt and Road Cooperation

The BRI offers a vivid example of how to build a global community of shared future.

Belt and Road Cooperation: A Practical Measure for Creating a New Development Dynamic

Belt and Road cooperation has tightened the links between China and the world.

Chinese Modernization: A Broad Avenue Leading to the Building of a Strong Country and National Rejuvenation

Continuing to regard development as the largest possible common ground, China will strive to create greater space for economic and trade cooperation and steadily build more development belts and roads to happiness for the benefit of people around the world.

Impressive Results in Ecological Conservation

China is a global leader in reducing desertification and sandification. The areas of nature reserves and ecological conservation redlines account for 18% and 30% of China's total land area, respectively.

Fast-tracking Progress Toward Greater Self-reliance and Strength in S&T Is the Sole Path to High-Quality Development

The history of human development shows that S&T innovation is an inexhaustible driving force behind the development of a country or nation as well as a key factor for enhancing productivity.

Peaceful Development Is a Prominent Characteristic of Chinese Modernization

The Chinese people desire peace more ardently, and the Chinese nation is more resolute in its opposition to war, than anyone else.

Harmony Between Humanity and Nature Is a Distinctive Characteristic of Chinese Modernization

The Chinese people and the Chinese nation have always respected and loved nature, having long recognized the importance of respect for and adapting to nature to the survival and development of humankind.

Material and Cultural-Ethical Advancement Are Noble Pursuits of Chinese Modernization

Socialism is the primary stage of communism, and a socialist society is one that is developed in all respects.

Common Prosperity for All: An Essential Characteristic of Chinese Modernization

Common prosperity for all: an essential requirement of socialism. Common prosperity for all: an objective that embodies the original aspirations and mission of the CPC. Common prosperity for all: the shared aspiration and ardent desire of the Chinese people.

China’s Huge Population: A Distinctive Characteristic of Chinese Modernization

Chinese modernization has shattered the myth that equates modernization with Westernization. It has presented the world with a novel prospect and a new model of modernization that gives developing countries an alternative choice.

Promoting Modernization of Harmony Between Humanity and Nature

Steadily achieving peak carbon and carbon neutrality. Promoting global sustainable development. Furthering reform of systems and mechanisms of ecological conservation

Achievements of Ecological Conservation in the New Era

Effective steps have been taken to develop and protect China's territorial space and coordinate the tasks of drawing redlines to protect ecosystems, agricultural land, and permanent basic cropland and of delineating urban development boundaries.

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