Understanding the Essence of New Quality Productive Forces

New quality productive forces represent a type of advanced productivity that grants innovation a leading role.

High-Quality Development Requires the Guidance of New Theories on Productive Forces

The strength of socialism lies in its ability to enable faster and better development of productive forces than capitalism.

Understanding the Inclusivity and Security of High-Standard Opening Up and Ensuring the Sustainability of High-Quality Development

In recent years, domestic and international issues that have a bearing on China's national security have become interwoven. External risks and challenges have increased overall, posing complex and severe challenges for high-standard opening up.

Chinese Cultural Brilliance Across Borders

The world is enriched with many diverse civilizations, and China stands out as one of the countries with the longest history and the most ancient culture.

Grasping the Underlying Laws of Economic Work in the New Era

At the Central Economic Work Conference in 2023, President Xi Jinping put forward "five essentials" for economic work.

China's Economy Sustains a Favorable Development Trajectory

China's development is still underpinned by a good foundation and many favorable conditions.

China's Economic Development: the Context and Trends

The favorable conditions for China's development outweigh the unfavorable factors, and the overall trend of economic recovery and long-term growth remains unchanged.

Understanding the Contemporary Value of the Five Distinctive Features of Chinese Civilization

Given the peaceful nature of Chinese civilization, China is well-equipped to provide Chinese wisdom for advancing world peace, promoting global development, and maintaining international order.

Understanding the Laws Underlying the Development of Chinese Civilization

Chinese civilization is distinguished by a remarkable level of consistency, being the sole ancient civilization to endure without interruption and develop as a nation down to the present day.

Properly Handling Five Relationships in Advancing Ecological Conservation

​In terms of the path and methods, we need to press ahead with initiatives under the "1+N" policy framework for reaching peak carbon and carbon neutrality based on China's energy and resource endowment.

Remarkable Ecological Progress in the New Era ​

China has become the global leader in installed capacities of hydropower, wind power, and solar power.

BRI: A Mutually Beneficial Version of Economic Globalization

Amid a rising backlash against globalization, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been committed to realizing global connectivity and interconnected development.

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