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Enhancing Our Capacity for River Protection and Management

By Qiu Ping Source: Updated: 2024-06-11

Taking river basins as the fundamental units, we will pursue coordinated management involving upstream and downstream sections, left and right banks, and mainstreams and tributaries, and strengthen unified planning, overseeing, control, and management across river basins. This will ensure continued improvements in the capacity and standard of river protection and governance.

Unified planning

Based on the overall context of each river basin, we will determine baseline characteristics, economic and social development needs, and environmental protection requirements. In response to changing circumstances, we will take timely steps to update the overall plans for river basins. We will improve the specialized planning systems for river basins to ensure they are accurately positioned, well-defined, mutually reinforcing, and well-integrated. We will strengthen planning-based guidance and constraints and reinforce responsibilities for implementation to guarantee the effective fulfillment of planning goals and tasks for each river basin.

Unified overseeing

In line with the basic principle that regions must serve the needs of river basins, we will coordinate the relationships between upstream and downstream sections, left and right banks, and mainstreams and tributaries. We will consider the functional roles and regional distribution of water conservancy projects in a holistic way, carefully determine their layout, scale, and standards, and coordinate the sequence of their implementation. We will enhance record-keeping for river basin management initiatives and encourage collaborative efforts to protect and manage river basins. This will ensure that all sides systematically work toward unified objectives based on integrated plans.

Unified control

We will pursue integrated management of key water regulation projects within river basins to reinforce alignment among various goals concerning flood prevention, water supply, ecological conservation, power generation, navigation, and other issues. We will refine the system for coordinating the interests of all parties and ensure unified control for flood prevention, water resources, and ecological flow volumes within river basins, so as to deliver the best possible results. 

Unified management

We will establish an overseeing framework featuring coordinated river basin management, regional collaboration, and inter-departmental coordination. We will bolster comprehensive law enforcement and promote joint prevention, control, and management within river basins. We will ensure unified management of rivers and lakes, water rights and resources, and water protection and governance actions. This will facilitate collective efforts to safeguard the health and vitality of our rivers and lakes.

Editor: Zhang Xian