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Highlights of Xi's state visit to Serbia

Source: Xinhua Updated: 2024-05-10

BELGRADE -- Chinese President Xi Jinping concluded his visit to Serbia on Wednesday, the second leg of his six-day trip to Europe through Friday.

The following are some of the highlights of Xi's remarks and statements, as well as some important agreements reached between the two countries during his state visit to Serbia.


-- The ironclad friendship between China and Serbia has stood the test of the changing international landscape. Such friendship is characterized by profound historical roots, solid political foundation, extensive common interests and strong popular support.

-- Over the past few years, under the leadership of Xi and Vucic, the bilateral relationship has leapfrogged with historic progress, and since the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership in 2016, in particular, the bilateral relationship has been enriched in substance and expanded in scope, which has become an example for China's friendly relations with other European countries.

-- Actions speak louder than words. China will stand shoulder to shoulder with Serbia, share weal and woe like passengers in the same boat, carry forward the spirit of the ironclad friendship, maintain and grow their friendship, and jointly safeguard fundamental and long-term interests of the two countries.

-- As the two sides pursue their respective national development and revitalization, China will join hands with Serbia to advance the building of a community with a shared future in the new era.

-- Serbia is China's first comprehensive strategic partner in Central and Eastern Europe. Their bilateral cooperation has injected strong impetus into their respective development and rejuvenation, and brought tangible benefits to the two peoples.

-- Under the new circumstances, Serbia has become the first European country to build with China a community with a shared future, which speaks volumes about the strategic, special and high-level China-Serbia relations.

-- The China-Serbia community with a shared future in the new era is an upgrade of the ironclad friendship between China and Serbia. It also represents their common values and objectives, namely, joint pursuit of development, win-win cooperation and mutual success. These are the common aspirations of China, Serbia, and all countries that are committed to independence, peace and development.


-- Standing at a new historical starting point, China will work with Serbia to jointly stay committed to the original aspiration and forge ahead together to open up a new vista in China-Serbia cooperation with stronger momentum, greater scope, and higher quality.

-- By building a China-Serbia community with a shared future in the new era, the two sides should keep deepening and expanding high-quality Belt and Road cooperation and collaboration between China and Central and Eastern European countries, thus contributing to their respective modernization.

-- High-quality Belt and Road cooperation between China and Serbia has achieved remarkable results. The two sides should steadily advance cooperation in traditional areas such as transportation and energy infrastructure, make sure the entire Serbian section of the Belgrade-Budapest railway go into operation as scheduled, jointly operate well their major cooperation projects, create more small and beautiful livelihood projects, and continue to generate positive economic and social impacts.

-- China supports Serbia in upholding independence and pursuing a development path suited to its national conditions, and supports its efforts in safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity. The two sides should continue to offer each other firm support, deepen strategic cooperation, and safeguard their respective political security and fundamental interests.

-- It is important for China and Serbia to jointly reject hegemonism and power politics, and oppose bloc politics or bloc confrontation. The two sides should join hands to uphold the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, practice true multilateralism, and promote international fairness and justice.

-- With the China-Serbia Free Trade Agreement set to take effect on July 1 this year, the high-standard mutual opening up between China and Serbia will surely enter a new stage.

-- China will continue to import more high-quality agricultural specialties from Serbia.

-- China supports Serbia in hosting Expo 2027, and will send a delegation to participate in the grand show. China encourages its enterprises to take part in the construction of relevant projects.

-- China will support 50 young Serbian scientists in taking part in scientific research exchanges in China in the next three years. It is ready to work with Serbia to strengthen cooperation on artificial intelligence (AI) and endeavor to ensure humanity properly develop and utilize AI.

-- China will invite 300 young Serbians to China on study and exchange programs in the next three years.

-- China welcomes the opening of direct flights from Belgrade to Shanghai by the Serbian side so as to comprehensively deepen people-to-people exchanges, and encourages airlines from both sides to launch direct flights between Belgrade and Guangzhou.