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China, France to enhance global governance cooperation on artificial intelligence

Source: Xinhua Updated: 2024-05-08

PARIS -- China and France pledged Monday to take effective measures to address the potential and actual risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and to strengthen global governance of AI to promote development and use for the common good.

During Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visit to France at the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macron, the two heads of state reached a series of consensus on bilateral and multilateral cooperation to properly utilize and regulate the technology.

Recognizing the key role of AI in development and innovation, while taking into account the range of challenges that may arise from the development and use of AI, China and France agree on the importance of promoting the development and security of AI and promoting appropriate international governance to achieve this goal, said a joint statement on AI and global governance issued by the two countries.

France and China agree that global governance of AI should allow for flexibility to facilitate the development of a constantly and rapidly evolving technology, with the necessary protection of personal data and the rights of users mobilizing AI or whose productions are mobilized by AI.

The two countries are fully committed to promoting safe, secure, and reliable AI systems based on the principle of AI for the common good, through a comprehensive and inclusive dialogue, and through promoting international cooperation and interoperability among AI governance frameworks and initiatives, building on work done at the UN level.

Both countries recognize that the opportunities, risks and challenges associated with AI are global in nature, said the joint statement, underlining the importance of strengthening international cooperation in the context of rapid technological development to ensure international security, stability, and respect for sovereignty and fundamental rights.

France and China also agree to contribute to the strengthening of the cyber capabilities of states, particularly developing countries, to deal with all types of cyber threats, including those related to AI.