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Western "overcapacity" accusation is typical double standard: China's commerce ministry

Source: Xinhua Updated: 2024-04-26

BEIJING -- Some Western countries have lately accused China of "overcapacity," which is typical double standard, Ministry of Commerce spokesperson He Yadong said on Thursday.

This will not only block the global green transition and undermine confidence in climate change cooperation, but also hurt the willingness of enterprises to carry out foreign trade and investment cooperation, he said.

The issue of production capacity should be fully examined in the context of economic globalization, taking into account the facts of global division of labor and the global market, and adhering to an objective, fair and scientific stance, He said.

From a global perspective, there is no overcapacity in the new energy industry, but a shortage of production capacity, he said.

Developing green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly new energy is an important measure in the global response to climate change, while the demand for new energy products continues to grow, with enormous growth potential, He noted.

China's new energy industry continues to provide affordable and high-quality production capacity, making important contributions to global green development, he added.

He called on some countries and regions to objectively, rationally and comprehensively view the needs of the global new energy market and the development of China's new energy industry, and fairly evaluate the important role of China's new energy products in the global green shift.

"We are willing to strengthen communication and coordination with all parties on the basis of adhering to market principles, and to promote industrial cooperation for mutual benefit to jointly boost global green development," he said.

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