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China unveils regulations on water conservation

Source: Xinhua Updated: 2024-03-21

BEIJING -- Chinese Premier Li Qiang has signed a decree of the State Council, unveiling regulations on the country's water conservation work.

Effective on May 1 this year, the regulations on water conservation aim to provide legal guarantee for China's water security, advancement of ecological progress and high-quality development.

The regulations determine rules on water use management, including setting water use quotas for key crops, industrial products and service sectors, controlling annual water use amounts within administrative regions, and restricting water-intensive projects in regions with severe water shortage or groundwater over-exploitation.

The regulations specify water conservation measures in sectors like agricultural and industrial production, and improved rules on supervision and safeguards for water conservation.

The regulations also stipulate legal liabilities for unlawful acts such as using outdated and water-intensive technologies, equipment and products that have been eliminated by government orders.