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A “Road to Happiness” Benefiting All Countries and Our World as a Whole

By Qiu Ping Source: Updated: 2024-02-21

After 10 years of tireless endeavor, the BRI has been welcomed by the international community both as a public good and as the largest platform for international cooperation and is considered an important practical platform for building a global community of shared future. It has also provided new solutions for jointly addressing global challenges, improving the global development model and global governance, and safeguarding world peace and promoting common development. Its achievements have demonstrated China's determination to safeguard world peace, contribute to global development, and preserve international order, and have marked a milestone in the history of world development.

Unlocking new prospects for China’s opening up and development

Through joint efforts to advance the BRI, China has improved the quality of opening up in its various regions by expanding the fields of opening up, promoting openness at the institutional level, and tapping new avenues for facilitating common development. In this process, border regions have moved from the background to the forefront of opening up. By accelerating the formation of a grand pattern of all-around openness featuring links running eastward and westward across land and over sea, we have created mutually beneficial outcomes for BRI countries.

Injecting new impetus into world economic growth

As economic globalization is buffeted by headwinds and the global economy remains sluggish, the BRI has been introduced to create an effective platform for connectivity, where goods, capital, technology, and personnel flow freely, trade and investment are further liberalized and facilitated, and the development potential of all countries is fully unleashed, thus providing strong impetus and creating broad space for global economic growth.

Creating new opportunities for all countries to flourish

Development is an eternal theme of human society as well as the foundation and key for solving all problems. To boost Belt and Road cooperation, we must firmly grasp the greatest common denominator of development and stay committed to narrowing the development gap and promoting common prosperity for all countries. The BRI originated in China, but its opportunities and achievements belong to the whole world. One after another, landmark projects, wellbeing programs, and cooperation milestones have promoted prosperity and development in countries along the route.

Providing new solutions for global governance

The BRI is a global public good jointly created by members of different civilizations across different regions at different stages of development. Based on the principle of shared growth through discussion and collaboration, this initiative is open and inclusive; it is a chorus comprising all countries along the routes, not a solo act performed by China alone. The BRI and its principles have been written into relevant documents of the UN, G20, APEC, and other regional organizations. They have become an important consensus on global governance and have offered Chinese insight, Chinese input, and Chinese strength for building a global community of shared future.