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Fast-tracking Progress Toward Greater Self-reliance and Strength in S&T Is the Sole Path to High-Quality Development

By Qiu Ping Source: Updated: 2023-12-15

An essential requirement for accelerating the creation of a new development dynamic

The history of human development shows that S&T innovation is an inexhaustible driving force behind the development of a country or nation as well as a key factor for enhancing productivity. With an emphasis on developing the real economy, we have made great efforts to foster a new development dynamic that is focused on the domestic economy and features positive interplay between domestic and international economic flows. In this process, we urgently need to leverage S&T innovation as an engine and pathbreaker to provide powerful momentum for the modern industrial system.

We must draw on S&T innovation to expand and upgrade the supply system, promote the rapid application and iterative upgrading of new technologies on a large scale, and tap into enormous potential demand. We must boost the dynamism and reliability of the domestic economy, enhance both our position and capacity in the global economy, and facilitate smooth domestic and international economic flows, so as to seize the initiative in promoting high-quality development.

On one hand, greater self-reliance and strength in S&T will provide the focus, underpinning, and new room for growth necessary to foster a new development dynamic and promote high-quality development. On the other hand, it will also allow us to utilize the latest S&T innovations to achieve intensive growth and fully act on the goals for achieving high-quality development in line with the new development philosophy.

A key move to respond to major risks and challenges

As momentous changes on a scale not seen in a century unfold at an accelerated pace, we have witnessed a backlash against economic globalization, frequent flare-ups of regional conflicts, and a significant shift in the international balance of power. In a new period of turbulence and change, S&T innovation has become a decisive factor affecting the interests of all sides in strategic interactions.

It is fair to say that greater self-reliance and strength in S&T is not only an issue of development, but a matter of survival. Therefore, we must make S&T innovation a cornerstone and critical force in our push to realize national rejuvenation. We must accelerate the development of a strong technological foundation for high-quality development to ensure the security and stability of industrial and supply chains and maintain the initiative in development.

An inevitable choice for seizing opportunities in the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation

Currently, with a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation gaining pace, a paradigm shift is taking place in research. Led by artificial intelligence (AI), next-generation information technology is driving the integration of multiple cutting-edge technologies, bringing about a chain-like revolution in which multiple breakthroughs occur simultaneously.

As technological innovation reaches further and deeper with greater speed and precision, a period of unprecedented intensity and dynamism has dawned for global technological innovation, with innovation chains becoming more nimble and disruptive innovations emerging in a continuous stream.

Around the world, countries have rushed to formulate forward-looking plans for new areas and arenas in a competition of unparalleled intensity for the high ground in the latest science and technologies. Against this backdrop, we must adeptly grasp and take advantage of opportunities arising from the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation and bolster our ability to plan strategically and respond quickly to technological innovations. Only in this way can we seize the initiative for future development and stay one step ahead amid intense international competition.