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Harmony Between Humanity and Nature Is a Distinctive Characteristic of Chinese Modernization

By Qiu Ping Source: Updated: 2023-12-13

Harmony between humanity and nature: a requirement for the survival and development of humanity

Nature is the source of life, providing the basic conditions humans need to survive and thrive. Humanity and nature are a community of life. There is no replacement for the natural environment, but we may not realize how truly precious it is until it is damaged beyond repair. Our eco-conservation efforts will have a bearing on the future of humanity, and no country can opt out or go it alone.

Harmony between humanity and nature: a tradition of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation

The Chinese people and the Chinese nation have always respected and loved nature, having long recognized the importance of respect for and adapting to nature to the survival and development of humankind. The ancient Chinese paid great attention to the unity of humanity and nature and understood the links between the natural world and human civilization, so they acted in accordance with the laws of nature in their work and other activities.

Harmony between humanity and nature: the result of practice and experience

For the sake of the Chinese people, the CPC has formulated with the utmost determination and effort policies and measures to protect and manage the ecological environment, which it is striving to implement. Thanks to the sustained efforts of the entire nation, environmental conservation in China has undergone historic, transformative, and comprehensive theoretical and practical changes, including a major shift from focusing on remediation to systematic governance, from responding reactively to responding proactively, from being a participant in global environmental governance to being a leader, and from practical exploration to being guided by science.