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Material and Cultural-Ethical Advancement Are Noble Pursuits of Chinese Modernization

By Qiu Ping Source: Updated: 2023-12-12

Material and cultural-ethical advancement: a fundamental requirement of socialism

Socialism is the primary stage of communism, and a socialist society is one that is developed in all respects. A true socialist society must achieve material and cultural-ethical advancement. In the stage of socialism, only the gradual development of a high degree of material advancement and the concurrent development of a high degree of cultural-ethical advancement will create sufficient conditions for the transition to communism.

Material and cultural-ethical advancement: an inevitable trend and the way forward for the development of human society

Since the dawn of humanity, humans have not passively adapted to the natural environment but actively sought to transform it, constantly adapting it to our needs. When human beings transform the objective world, they also transform their subjective world. Moreover, people have not just material needs but also cultural-ethical ones. Material and cultural-ethical advancement are mutually constraining and promotional, and they complement and develop each other.

Material and cultural-ethical advancement: the result of efforts for and experience in carrying forward Chinese culture

Chinese people are diligent, brave, and kindhearted. In the course of producing abundant material advancement, we have also produced abundant cultural-ethical advancement. A great national spirit has been passed down from generation to generation for several millennia in China, becoming deeply infused in the blood and soul of the Chinese people. The CPC is carrying forward the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, promoting its creative transformation and innovative development. The CPC upholds Marxism as its guidance, and constantly advances the development of a modern Chinese civilization.