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New entry-exit policies unveiled to boost cross-Strait integrated development

Source: Xinhua Updated: 2023-11-07

BEIJING -- A set of entry-exit policies for Taiwan compatriots have been introduced to deepen integrated cross-Strait development, including boosting personnel exchanges between Fujian Province and Taiwan and facilitating Taiwan compatriots' residence and daily life in Fujian.

The policies, issued by the exit and entry administration of China's Ministry of Public Security, consist of 10 specific measures and will come into effect on Jan. 1, 2024.

In September, China released a circular on supporting making Fujian a demonstration zone for integrated development across the Taiwan Strait. The new policies are among the country's latest moves to deepen cross-Strait integrated development.

According to the new policies, the application process for travel passes for Taiwan residents to enter or leave the mainland will be streamlined, with additional application channels introduced.

Vessels traveling between Fujian and Taiwan can carry out their pre-reporting and pre-inspection procedures online when entering or departing from ports, with relevant authorities promising to offer 24-hour border inspection and customs clearance services.

The application processing time for Taiwan compatriots applying to settle down in Fujian will be shortened from 20 to 10 working days.

Taiwan compatriots who come to Fujian for short-term visits will also enjoy access to public services such as transportation and electronic payment with valid travel passes, according to the administration.

To facilitate the life and work of talents from Taiwan in Fujian, they will be allowed to bring foreign domestic helpers with them, enabling such service personnel to enter and reside on the mainland.

Currently, these new measures are in the stage of orderly preparation, the administration said, noting that efforts will be made to further innovate and optimize the entry-exit policies and measures to facilitate more streamlined cross-Strait personnel exchanges and smoother customs clearance.