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Building Up China’s Agricultural Strength Based on Its Distinctive Features

By Qiu Ping Source: Updated: 2023-08-30

To build up China's strength in agriculture, we should leverage China's distinctive features to resolve China's problems, apply approaches that fit our needs, and blaze a path of our own based on China's resource endowment of a large population with limited arable land, our rich heritage as an agricultural civilization, and the contemporary need to ensure harmony between humanity and nature.

We will develop strong agriculture based on robust supply guarantees, advanced scientific and technological equipment, effective operational frameworks, resilient industries, and strong competitiveness.

It's vital to understand the CPC Central Committee's unified plans regarding work concerning agriculture, rural areas, and farmers.

Rural revitalization proceeds from the changes in the relationships between agriculture and industry and between rural and urban areas, and emphasizes the unique functions of rural areas and the direction of their transformation.

The modernization of agriculture and rural areas primarily considers the intrinsic development momentum of agriculture, rural areas, and farmers and highlights the development of agriculture and rural areas in the overall modernization process.

The building of strong agriculture proceeds from overall national strategy, emphasizing the need to consolidate the foundations for China's strength and enhance its international competitiveness.

In practice, the discourse, policy, and work systems for these three initiatives should be well-linked in order to maintain continuity in our work.

Efforts should be put into carrying out overall planning and coordination.

At the national level, we need to strengthen top-level design and work to formulate plans to accelerate progress in this regard. We should make overall, systematic arrangements in keeping with existing plans, set specific goals and tasks for the next five years, through the year 2035, and for the middle of this century, and work out clear roadmaps and action plans to ensure progress with solid and vigorous efforts.

All regions must accurately define their own position within the drive to build up agricultural strength. They should serve the national strategy with a focus on their primary functions, give full play to their advantages, and make their due contribution.

All this will produce an overall effect and synergy that allows all regions to play to their strengths, work to the best of their abilities, and achieve complementary development, with the success of one leading to the success of all.

Efforts to build up agricultural strength must be grounded in reality, deliver practical results, and target the most urgent problems in local agricultural development and the issues that concern farmers most. Under this guidance, we will carry out specific and practical initiatives to improve the people's wellbeing and resolve small but critical issues.

We will secure success through persistent and steady progress and spark the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of farmers by genuinely enhancing their sense of fulfillment.

It is necessary to give full play to the decisive role of the market and better leverage the role of the government.

To build up agricultural strength, therefore, we must adopt a market-oriented approach, follow the laws of the market, and utilize market mechanisms to elevate the quality, performance, and competitiveness of our agriculture.

At the same time, food is no ordinary commodity; agriculture is a basic industry that underpins food security and basic wellbeing.

This means that to develop agriculture and ensure food security, we must further leverage the role of an effective government to improve systems for supporting and protecting agriculture, further consolidate the foundations of agriculture, and provide a robust and reliable guarantee for the food security of over 1.4 billion Chinese people.