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Reinforce CPC Central Leadership over the Epidemic Response

Source: Xi Jinping The Governance of China IV Updated: 2023-05-15

Reinforce CPC Central Leadership over the Epidemic Response*

February 23, 2020

When the coronavirus struck, the CPC Central Committee responded to the emergency immediately, exercising overall leadership over all fronts in the epidemic response and making timely decisions.

On January 7, I presided over a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and issued instructions on our epidemic response. On January 20, I issued further instructions requiring Party committees and governments at all levels and the competent authorities to put people’s lives and health above all else and take resolute and effective action to stem the spread of the virus.

On January 25, the first day of the Chinese New Year, I presided over another meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau on epidemic control and made further plans to mobilize more resources to contain the virus. We decided to set up the Central Leading Group for Coronavirus Response, and send a central steering group to Hubei Province to oversee the local epidemic response. We also instructed the State Council to make well-coordinated efforts through its joint prevention and control mechanism.

After that, I chaired three more meetings of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau and one meeting of the Political Bureau, all to discuss ways to conduct epidemic control and reopen the economy.

On February 10, I inspected epidemic prevention and control work in Beijing. I talked online to frontline health workers in Wuhan City and the rest of Hubei, and heard the reports of the central steering group and the Hubei epidemic response command center. I also chaired meetings of the Central Commission for Law-based Governance, the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission, the Central Commission for Further Reform, and the Central Commission for Foreign Affairs, setting requirements for response measures on different fronts.

The Party Central Committee issued the Notice on Strengthening Party Leadership and Providing Strong Political Support for the Epidemic Response. I have closely followed progress in virus control and given verbal and written instructions daily. With timely planning and action by the Central Leading Group for Coronavirus Response, specific directions and coordination from the central steering group, strong coordination by the State Council joint prevention and control mechanism, and strenuous efforts by Party committees and governments at all levels, a powerful synergy has been formed in the race to fight the virus.

True heroes will emerge in times of adversity. In this arduous battle, members and officials of Party organizations at all levels have rushed to the front and fought fearlessly as the vanguard.

Our health workers have proved their dedication to their profession, shouldering this daunting mission and working around the clock to save lives. Officers and soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army have swiftly responded to the call of duty and fought some of the toughest battles, demonstrating their loyalty to the Party and the people.

Our people have stood together in solidarity. The people of Wuhan and other parts of Hubei, in particular, put the greater interests of the country in the first place and have shown unmatched perseverance and tenacity in their support for epidemic control.

Police officers, epidemic control workers, and community workers have worked around the clock. Media workers have rushed to the front line to cover the battle heedless of the risks they face. A vast number of volunteers have made a major contribution through their devotion and service.

All Party and government ministries, departments and commissions have fulfilled their duties. They include those in charge of public health, development and reform, industry and information technology, commerce, foreign affairs, international communications, transport, agriculture and rural affairs, emergency management, finance, culture and tourism, science and technology, education, market regulation, social security and basic medical insurance, natural resources, the eco-environment, state-owned assets, and forestry and grasslands, those responsible for discipline inspection, supervision over the exercise of state power, Party organization, public communications and united front work, and those responsible for judicial, prosecuting and public security affairs.

People’s congresses at all levels, CPPCC national and local committees, and people’s organizations have actively taken on their responsibilities and lent strong support to epidemic control. All sectors of society and our compatriots in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and overseas have donated money and supplies, extending a helping hand when it was most needed.


* Part of the speech at a meeting on coordinating the epidemic response with economic and social development.

(Not to be republished for any commercial or other purposes.)