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Ancient Hutongs, New Lifestyles

Source: Updated: 2023-03-30

The Qianmen East area has a total of 46 hutongs, or traditional alleyways, which form a vital part of Beijing’s old city and have been an important embodiment of the culture of Beijing, China’s capital, for almost a millennium. In Caochangsitiao Hutong, grey brick and tile buildings line the alleyway, which is bathed in warm sunlight on one side. The hustle and bustle of the main street gently fades, as old-style grey flagstones wind their way forward. In here, time seems to move half a step slower.

In recent years, as municipal authorities have carried out a renovation program targeting rundown areas of the city, Caochang Hutong has undergone continuous changes. Based on the original design of the hutong, builders have carried out restoration work and undertaken repairs to recreate the original look of the old alleyways.