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Beijing 2022 releases Post-Games Legacy Report

Source: Xinhua Updated: 2023-02-02

BEIJING -- The Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee (BOCOG) released the Beijing 2022 Post-Games Legacy Report on Wednesday.

The report comprises seven chapters, including winter sports popularization, post-Games use of Olympic venues, ice and snow industry growth, host city development, building of Beijing-Zhangjiakou sports, cultural and tourism belt, and cultural and social development.

The success of Beijing 2022 was a fulfillment of the promise made to the international community. The goal of engaging 300 million people in winter sports was achieved, while an increasing number of people, particularly youth, were inspired to take part in ice and snow activities.

Venues of Beijing 2022 were gradually opened to the public after the Games, attracting tourists to experience the Olympic ice rinks and skiing tracks. More national and world-level events are planned to take place at Beijing 2022 venues in the future.

The Shougang area has become a new landmark of urban revival; Yanqing is building itself into "a most beautiful host city," and Zhangjiakou is developing into an international winter tourism destination.

The development of the ice and snow industry in China further improved the livelihood of local people. The Beijing 2022 promoted the regional coordinated development in transport infrastructure, environmental protection, industrial growth and public services.