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China to boost density of manufacturing robots

Source: Xinhua Updated: 2023-01-20

BEIJING -- China will strive to double its manufacturing robot density by 2025 compared with that of 2020, according to an action plan released Thursday.

A "robotics+" action will be launched to expand the use of robotics, said the action plan jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and 16 other government departments.

The use of service and special robots will be significantly increased by 2025, with the capability of the country's robotics industry to promote high-quality economic and social development markedly improved, said the plan.

The plan urged efforts to focus on ten key application areas and achieve breakthroughs in more than 100 innovative application technologies and solutions for robots.

Over 200 model-application scenarios with cutting-edge technologies, innovative application modes, and prominent application results will be promoted. A batch of industry-leading "robotics+" application enterprises, experience centers, and verification centers will be established.

It also emphasized efforts to build a collaborative innovation system for robot production and application and speed up the development and promotion of robot application standards.

Robot density, measured by the number of robots per 10,000 manufacturing workers, is a key indicator for measuring intelligent manufacturing levels.