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China to restore 6.67 million hectares of desertified land

Source: Xinhua Updated: 2022-12-27

BEIJING -- China will restore some 6.67 million hectares of desertified land during the 2021-2025 period in its long-term fight against desertification.

By 2030, 12.4 million hectares of desertified land will be rehabilitated, according to the country's anti-desertification plan for the 2021-2030 period.

The plan also outlines the targets for sealed-off protection of desertified land, which will be 2 million hectares from 2021 to 2025 and 6 million hectares during the decade ending 2030.

The plan divides the country's desertified land into five categories and specifies targeted measures to restore or protect them.

China has restored over half of its manageable desertified land over the past decade, making great strides in addressing desertification.