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Asian, African diplomats in China mourn former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin

Source: Xinhua Updated: 2022-12-03

BEIJING -- Diplomatic envoys from Asian and African countries visited China's Foreign Ministry on Thursday and Friday and offered their condolences over the passing of former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin.

In the two days, envoys from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, Cambodia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Brunei, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Egypt, Algeria, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Mauritania, Syria, Türkiye, Bahrain, Iran, South Africa, Cameroon, Senegal, Lesotho, Kenya, Uganda, Benin, Nigeria, Mozambique, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mali, Sao Tome and Principe, the Comoros and other countries expressed deep condolences over Jiang's passing, paid a silent tribute to his portrait, and left messages on the book of condolence.

They spoke highly of Jiang's important contributions to China's reform and opening-up and development, as well as to world peace and development.