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Work Together with the World's People for a Brighter Future

By Qiu Ping Source: Updated: 2022-11-28

At present, the changes of the world, the changes of the times, and the changes in history are unfolding unprecedentedly. Our world and times are changing in the ways unseen in history, bringing unprecedented challenges for humanity. The world is again at a pivotal crossroads waiting for people to make the correct choice.

A strong commitment

President Xi Jinping of the Communist Party of China (CPC) stated in his report to the 20th CPC National Congress that "China has always been committed to its foreign policy goals of upholding world peace and promoting common development, and it is dedicated to promoting a global community of shared future."

The report continues to address a number of key theoretical and practical issues on China's foreign affairs in the new era, charting a course for the country's diplomatic work and facilitating the world with confidence and energy in facing changes and challenges.

A major responsible country

Since the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012, President Xi Jinping has reflected on the future of mankind and upheld the core principles and fine traditions of China's diplomacy based on a keen understanding of China's reality and global trends. Moreover, he has broken new ground in foreign affairs both theoretically and practically, putting forward important concepts, ideas and initiatives with Chinese characteristics, which embody the call of the times and human progress. It is on this basis that Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy, the theory guiding China's international relations, has been established.

Over the past decade in the new era, the CPC has pursued major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics on all fronts, worked toward building a global community of shared future, and defended fairness and justice in the international arena. It has opposed unilateralism, protectionism and bullying and played an active part in the reform and development of the global governance system.

As a result, China's international influence, appeal and strength to shape have risen substantially. The CPC and the Chinese people have offered more Chinese wisdom, better Chinese solutions and greater Chinese strength, and in this way they helped address the common challenges facing humanity and contribute to peace and development of humanity. 

A new roadmap

According to the strategic planning of the 20th CPC National Congress, China remains firm in pursuing an independent foreign policy of peace. It has always decided its position and policy on issues based on their own merits, and it has strived to uphold the basic norms governing international relations and safeguard international fairness and justice. China stands firmly against all forms of hegemonism and power politics, the Cold War mentality, interference in other countries' internal affairs, and double standards in dealing with international matters. China will never seek hegemony nor engage in expansionism.

China adheres to the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence in pursuing friendship and cooperation with other countries. It is committed to promoting a new type of international relations, deepening and expanding global partnerships based on equality, openness, and cooperation, and broadening the convergence of interests with other countries. Guided by the principles of sincerity, real results, affinity, and good faith and with a commitment to the greater good and shared interests, China endeavors to strengthen solidarity and cooperation with other developing countries and safeguard the common interests of the developing world. 

China is committed to its fundamental national policy of opening up to the outside world and pursues a mutually beneficial strategy of opening up. It strives to create new opportunities for the world with its own development and to contribute its share to building an open global economy that delivers greater benefits to all peoples. China adheres to the right course of economic globalization. It is committed to working with other countries to foster an international environment conducive to development and create new drivers for global growth.

China plays an active part in the reform and development of the global governance system. China upholds true multilateralism, promotes greater democracy in international relations, and works to make global governance fairer and more equitable. China has put forward the Global Development Initiative and the Global Security Initiative, and it stands ready to work with the international community to put these two initiatives into action.

A good friend

As a saying goes, those committed to the welfare of the world can always find friends the world over. In recent days, leaders of a number of countries and international organizations have sent messages and letters to President Xi Jinping, extending their congratulations on the opening of the CPC national congress.

The leaders underscored the importance they place on the relations with China, hailed China's role as an advocate of world peace, security, multilateralism and an equitable international order, and expressed willingness to deepen friendship and partnership with China.

In his message, UN Secretary-General António Guterres lauded China as "an indispensable and trustworthy vital force in promoting world peace and development."

As long as China and other countries work together, stand on the right side of history, and walk hand in hand on the path ahead, China will be able to fulfill its ideal of building a global community of shared future and create a brighter future for humanity.