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Prosperous Times on China's Hani Rice Terraces

Source: Updated: 2022-08-18

The rice terraces farmed by the Hani ethnic minority in Honghe, located in China's southwestern Yunnan Province, have endured for over a millennium and span an area of over 66,000-hectares. In June 2013, the terraces were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Honghe Prefecture has effectively cultivated the brand of the Hani rice terraces and used it well. It is pursuing a four-pronged approach based on rural revitalization, the protection of traditional villages, integrated development of cultural tourism, and the preservation of ancient farming techniques. It has harnessed the resources, landscape, and agricultural ecosystems of the Hani rice terraces, as well as the farming lifestyle and authentic rural flavor, to become a destination for vacations, sightseeing, wellness retreats, retirement, and farming tours. The economic potential of the natural environment is being continuously tapped.