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Innovation continues to fuel Shenzhen's growth

By Chai Hhua in Shenzhen, Guangdong Source: China Daily Global Updated: 2022-07-26


A teacher from Hong Kong instructs students in English at a primary school in Futian district of Shenzhen in 2021, as more Hong Kong and Macao residents find job opportunities on the mainland. [Mao Siqian/Xinhua]

Integration explored

Moreover, Lo Chung-mau, secretary for health of the sixth-term Hong Kong SAR government and former chief executive of the University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital, said the hospital is exploring new ways to integrate the mainland and international medical training systems in order to bring in more top international medical professionals.

Lo said that he is encouraged by the central government's reform measures supporting Shenzhen's building of a pilot zone for socialism with Chinese characteristics, since the measures mention medical care in particular.

The next mission is to further promote cross-boundary medical cooperation and training, Lo said.

"In the past decade of reform, we remained true to the original aspiration of exploring more innovative methods in order to provide pilot experiences to cross-boundary healthcare and building in Shenzhen a pilot demonstration area for socialism with Chinese characteristics," he said.

The CPC Central Committee and the State Council, China's Cabinet, unveiled a guideline in 2019 on supporting Shenzhen in building a pilot demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics. In 2020, a detailed implementation plan for the guideline was released to support Shenzhen with 40 major reform measures.

"In the next stage, we will firmly shoulder the historic mission of building a pilot demonstration zone and take the lead in building a world-class international, innovative and modern city," Vice-Mayor Huang Min said earlier this year.

International talent and industry heavyweights are swarming to the thriving city. In 2021, Shenzhen's import and export of goods reached a record high of 3.54 trillion yuan, ranking first in China for the 29th consecutive year, according to Shenzhen Customs data. More than 6,000 foreign-invested enterprises have been established in the city.

In particular, the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone, approved in 2010 by the State Council, has become a hub for Hong Kong and Macao enterprises and investors, as well as for cross-boundary cooperation breakthroughs, Huang said.

In 2021, the number of Hong Kong-invested enterprises in Qianhai totaled 11,900-double the number in the previous year.

Qianhai has launched a variety of pioneer measures to promote the integration of Shenzhen and Hong Kong, including the first joint venture between the mainland and Hong Kong in the legal profession, an international arbitration center, and the first investments under the Cross-boundary Wealth Management Connect program.

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