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Zhejiang's development powers ahead

By Ma Zhenhuan in Hangzhou Source: China Daily Updated: 2022-07-26


Farmers work on a pearl clam pond in Huzhou in February. [Photo by Wand Zheng/For China Daily]

Meanwhile, its digital economy will be driven by gathering high-quality resources, such as those now found in the Hangzhou West Science and Innovation Corridor.

Improving services

Zhejiang province has played an instrumental role in enhancing government services and functions in recent years by fully leveraging the internet and introducing strong policy and technical support through the launch of an online government service platform called Zheliban, which is linked to the provision of numerous public services.

There has also been marked progress in efforts to build this data platform, which has streamlined administrative procedures and reduced associated material costs by sharing data online. Zheliban aids the mutual recognition of cross-departmental information and improves the efficiency of multi-departmental affairs, enhancing the transparency and openness of government.

In pioneering the digital transformation of government in China, Zhejiang took the national lead in the provision of online services in 2014, further refining these through the "At Most One Visit" program in 2016, through which individuals and companies are able to fulfill administrative procedures in a single visit to authorities.

The province advanced a strategy of promoting overall government digitalization in 2018 and established a digital government system covering the entire province by the end of 2020. It plans to achieve the full integration of digital technologies and government performance by 2022.

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