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What to expect from upcoming China International Consumer Products Expo

Source: Xinhua Updated: 2022-07-21


Photo taken on July 19, 2022 shows a view of the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center, the venue for the 2nd China International Consumer Products Expo, in Haikou, south China's Hainan Province. [Xinhua/Yang Guanyu]

BEIJING -- The second China International Consumer Products Expo, to be held from July 25 to 30 in Haikou, capital of southern tropical province of Hainan, will provide a platform for the display and trading of high-level consumer goods from China and abroad.

With a larger exhibition area, more participating exhibitors and brands, and a special focus on new and quality products, the expo is expected to remain the largest consumer boutique exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region.

The following is an overview of what to expect from this year's exhibition.


-- The total exhibition area of this year's expo will reach 100,000 square meters, an increase of 25 percent from last year's event, also in Haikou.

-- The international exhibition section accounts for 80 percent of the expo's total exhibition area.

-- More than 1,600 international brands from 61 countries and regions will attend the expo, with top brands in many subsectors attending for the first time.

-- Over 1,200 domestic brands have signed up for the event so far, and a new area of 5,000 square meters will be designated for domestic boutiques and time-honored brands.


-- More than 200 brands are expected to launch over 600 new products during this year's expo.

-- Dozens of leading global brands will hold more than 100 new product debut activities, covering sectors including fashion and cosmetics, food and drink, and jewelry.

-- Some 28 shows will be held from July 27 to 28, launching over 100 new products, while a dozen of events will be organized to launch new products from multiple regions in China.

-- A fashion-week activity will be held during the expo, in which nearly 20 outstanding domestic and foreign designer brands will release more than 100 new fashion products at runway shows.


-- To match exhibition with purchasing, the expo will invite well-known domestic and foreign commercial enterprises, duty-free firms, cross-border e-commerce companies and other businesses. It is expected that more than 40,000 buyers and professional visitors will be present at the event.

-- The expo will better reach consumers with the support of popular forms of business, such as live-streaming, and by working with e-commerce platforms.

-- Efforts will also be made to encourage more exhibitors to set up regional headquarters or open stores at the Hainan free trade port to expand their export business in China.