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China blazes its own path of human rights development

Source: Xinhua Updated: 2022-05-23

BEIJING -- Respecting and protecting human rights are basic principles of modern civilization, and they are the unwavering goals of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

The Party leadership considers human rights protection an important task in state governance and has led China to blaze a path of human rights development suited to the country's conditions.

Regarding the rights to subsistence and development as primary basic human rights, China has coordinated the improvement of rights related to the economy, politics, society, culture and environment, thus promoting well-rounded human development.

Over the past decade, unprecedented progress has been made in China's human rights cause -- absolute poverty was eliminated; the COVID-19 epidemic was effectively dealt with to protect people's lives and health to the maximum possible extent; the world's largest social security and health care system was built; and whole-process people's democracy was constantly advanced.

The Chinese people's sense of gain, happiness and security is now at a much higher level.

China is also making remarkable contributions to global governance on human rights.

It has carried out extensive cooperation in terms of human rights, earnestly fulfilled its international human rights obligations, taken an active part in the world's human rights affairs, and promoted the building of a community with a shared future for humanity.

During the process, China has promoted the common values of humanity, and shouldered its responsibilities as a major country.

Every country has room for improvement in terms of protecting human rights. There is no universally applicable model, and human rights can only advance in the context of national conditions and people's needs. China will hold fast to its people-centered approach, and exert itself to meet the people's growing expectations for human rights protection.

And the country will surely make a greater contribution to and write a new chapter in the advancement of global human rights cause.

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