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Boao forum: joining hands for a shared future

Source: Beijing Review Updated: 2022-04-14

The 2022 Annual Conference of the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) will take place from April 20-22 in Boao, Hainan Province, themed The World in COVID-19 and Beyond: Working Together for Global Development and Shared Future. The annual conference will be an on-site occasion supplemented with online links.

The global economy has been lifted from the pandemic-induced recession with a non-balanced recovery momentum; the economic recovery of countries largely hinges on the pandemic's evolution. The BFA Annual Conference will probe into the trend of the world economy and issues including industrial chain and inflation.

Following the COVID-19-dominated narrative of the past two years, countries are shifting their focus to green, innovative and sustainable development. Peaking carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality, together with green and low-carbon economic restructuring, have become prevailing objectives. The BFA this year will home in on the different approaches to go carbon neutral.

Digital economy is on the up and up, lending worldwide economic recovery a newfangled helping hand. The development of China's digital economy has taken the lead, producing new industries, businesses and business models, as well as generating eye-catching new technologies and applications. Major economies all emphasize market regulation and anti-monopoly efforts, committing themselves to the promotion of a long-term and healthy expansion of the digital economy under sector guidelines. How to coordinate policy-making, how to enhance development, how to promote fair competition and how to protect personal information security, are all questions the BFA Annual Conference will seek to answer.

The world today is plagued by setbacks in globalization, tensions in international relations and an increasing global governance deficit. The BFA will further rally all parties involved for multilateralism and international cooperation, aiming to promote global governance.

The 15-member Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), the world's largest free trade deal, took effect on January 1, marking a milestone in Asia-Pacific regional cooperation as well as a boost to global recovery. Countries in the region have reinforced their support for free trade and multilateralism with actions. The BFA assembly will also explore the RCEP's multifaceted potential and application to deepen regional cooperation.

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