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NPC deputy sets example for young people by constantly improving his technical skills

By Yuan Meng, Liu Ning, Cui Yue, Liu Dong Source: People's Daily Online Updated: 2022-03-10


While continuing in their own professional roles, deputies to the National People's Congress (NPC) and members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee also seek to convey the voice of the people at the annual "Two Sessions." Doing their best to fulfill their duties, these NPC deputies and members of the CPPCC National Committee have also won recognition from the people.

Song Yubiao, a mechanical processing technician from the Beijing Hangxing Machinery Co.,Ltd, said his mentor, Dai Tianfang, a chief technician at the same factory as Song's, as well as a deputy to the 13th NPC, has set an example for young people by always working hard to try to make a difference.

"I learned knowledge of mechanical processing and engineering applications from Dai, including new technologies, new equipment and new crafts in these fields," Song recalled. "As a newbie, I was not familiar with relevant work procedures and technologies. It was Dai who helped me and led us to make new technological breakthroughs and develop new materials," said the 27-year-old who has worked for the factory for more than three years.


Song Yubiao(R), a mechanical processing technician and his mentor Dai Tianfang(L), a deputy to the 13th NPC. [People's Daily Online/Yuan Meng]

Dai, 52, has been engaged in numerical control machining for 33 years. Dai started from operating milling machines at first, and then he shifted into the field of numerical control. By making consistent efforts, Dai, who used to be a technical worker, has become an outstanding craftsman over the years.

"We normally call him Mr. Dai at the plant. But when we encounter challenging circumstances, and when he is the only one who can get the job done, we call him Master Dai," Song disclosed.

"As aerospace workers, we are ordinary people engaging in an extraordinary cause," said Dai.

According to Dai, as an NPC deputy, he receives the trust of the people, while the new identity is also a test for him that he must fully take on in order to serve the people well.

"I was elected an NPC deputy in 2018," Dai said. "Before this, I focused more on my own work and my personal life. Now that I'm an NPC deputy, I must pay attention to the concerns of the people and listen to their voices," Dai pointed out.

"Talents are very important resources. I always pay close attention to the cultivation of industrial workers, especially frontline technical workers," said Dai. During the "Two Sessions" held in previous years, Dai already delivered several suggestions in this respect.


Dai Tianfang(R) works with his colleague. [Photo provided by Beijing Hangxing Machinery Co.,Ltd]

In 2019, he called for more attention from society to be given to contractors, improvements to the system for guaranteeing salary payments, and expansion of the size of the technical talent pool. Last year, he submitted a suggestion to strengthen the cultivation of young technical talents with securing employment as its underlying guideline.

The suggestion submitted by Dai received responses from the relevant authorities. At the end of 2021, a high-end equipment manufacturing commission under the Chinese Society for Technical and Vocational Education was established, and Dai was appointed a member of the expert committee of the commission in light of the suggestion he had made.

At this year's "Two Sessions," Dai is still paying close attention to the topic of talent cultivation, suggesting that compulsory education should play a role in helping teenagers to establish their own interests and hobbies so that more talents might be nurtured in the years ahead to support the realization of diversified employment and the goal of building China into a high-quality manufacturing powerhouse.