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China ready for the Games (I): Venues, facilities in place

By Du Juan Source: Updated: 2022-01-14

Editor's note: On Feb 4, the Olympic cauldron will be ignited in Beijing, signaling the start of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. With the grand sporting event kicking off in less than a month, organizers are fully prepared to hold a series of simple, safe and splendid competitions. All venues and facilities are in place, clean air and green energy is already flowing, and a closed-loop system is ready up to prevent COVID-19.

Venues, facilities in place1.jpeg

Workers mark out traffic lanes to be used exclusively by Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games participants in Beijing. [Photo by Wang Jing/]

China was ready to host the event, said Han Zirong, secretary-general of Beijing 2022 organizing committee, at a press briefing in Beijing on Jan 5. "After more than six years of meticulous preparation, the Beijing Winter Olympics are ready," she said.

The venues and relative infrastructures were completed on schedule, said Zhao Weidong, a spokesperson for Beijing 2022, at the briefing. There will be designated transport between three competition zones and venues.

A comprehensive service and support system has been put in place with high-tech applications including 5G. Medical teams and volunteers are also ready to provide help.

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