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China issues first white paper on export controls

Source: Xinhua Updated: 2021-12-30

BEIJING -- China issued Wednesday its first white paper on export controls to provide a full picture of related policies and help the international community better understand its position.

The document, titled "China's Export Controls" and released by the State Council Information Office, elaborated on China's position, institutions, and practices in improving export control governance, as well as its commitments and actions to safeguard world peace and development, and security at national and international level.

The main body of the white paper consists of four parts: China's basic position on export control, continued improvement to the legal and regulatory system for export control, modernization of the export control system, and international exchanges and cooperation.

The world is undergoing profound changes of a scale unseen in a century, with an increase in destabilizing factors and uncertainties, disruption to international security and order, and challenges and threats to world peace, the white paper said.

The white paper stressed that fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory export control measures are increasingly important to addressing international and regional security risks and challenges and safeguarding world peace and development.

China is pursuing a holistic approach to national security and taking more active steps to integrate into the process of economic globalization, the white paper said.

To build a more open economy and a more peaceful China, the country strives to achieve sound interaction between high-quality development and guaranteed security, modernize its export control regime, and make new progress in export control governance, the white paper said.

China will assume its responsibilities from a global perspective, conscientiously undertake its international obligations, and step up international exchanges and cooperation, the white paper said.

The country will take concrete actions to participate in the international coordination of export controls, make progress on related international processes, and work together with all other countries in building a global community of shared future and delivering a strong boost to world peace and development, according to the white paper.