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CPC vitality: putting people first

Source: People's Daily App Updated: 2021-07-21

From its founding in 1921, generations of the Communist Party of China (CPC) have merged their youth and enthusiasm into the torrent of ideals and beliefs to promote the awakening and rise of a nation and lead the development and progress of a country.

A hundred years later, the pace of progress has never stopped and the glory of the CPC continues. What are the genes and forces that enable this century-old party to remain vibrant and youthful forever?

We invited six renowned scholars from home and abroad to interpret the sources of this vitality.

Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Chairman of the Kuhn Foundation and a long-time researcher and observer of China, believes that putting people first is one of the reasons. The actions of the CPC in poverty alleviation and the fight against COVID-19 are cases in point.

Produced by Wang Xiangyu, Ni Tao, Liang Peiyu, Yang Yang, Zhu Yingqi, Qiao Wai, Yan Yiqiao and Lin Rui