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Meet the Standards for Party Members

Source: Xi Jinping The Governance of China II Updated: 2021-06-25

Meet the Standards for Party Members*


August 13, 2017


Meetings of the Party branch have become regular. It is good to have a system of Three Meetings and One Lecture in which Party members regularly attend meetings of general membership, branch committees, and Party groups and one lecture every six months. During the war, it was a Party priority to establish Party branches in our companies. From the Sanwan Reorganization to the Gutian Meeting in 1929, our Party started to build the army politically with a focus on developing primary-level Party organizations.

As for the Three Meetings and One Lecture system, our Party branch has carried it out thoroughly. We should do it with great care, starting from the Central Committee, and myself, setting a good example. Everyone here today is an ordinary Party member, equal at our organizational activities. It is an essential requirement to observe the Party Constitution and better meet the standards for Party members.

At present, the key task for the Party and the country is to ensure the success of the 19th National Congress. I hope everyone will focus on self-improvement, do our job well in this critical period, strictly discipline ourselves in accordance with the standards for Party members, and make no errors in our work. You all do important confidential work; you should do all of your work well, with great care, and must succeed. You should fulfill your duties and accomplish to the full what has been assigned to you.

I hope you can be noble-minded people above base interests. You are now engaged in a noble cause. You have made the wrong choice, working here, if you intended to get promotion and make a fortune; you should never come here in the first place if you care for nothing but your own gain and advancement. There are examples, historical and contemporary, for us to follow – Zhang Side, Norman Bethune, Jiao Yulu, and Mai Xiande. In ordinary posts, these people have devoted and are devoting themselves to the cause. I would like you to follow suit, reflect on yourselves, learn from the past, steer clear of the danger of committing mistakes, strictly follow discipline and rules, and stay cautious and prudent.

I hope that you believe in the people, the Party and the organization. You have joined the great cause and dedicate yourselves selflessly to achieving the Two Centenary Goals. You will make a contribution as remarkable and glorious as others. I hope that you remain faithful to and devote yourselves to the organization; then the organization will take care of you, cherish you, and trust you.


* Points raised at a Party branch meeting in his capacity as an individual Party member.

(Not to be republished for any commercial or other purposes.)