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Why century-old CPC enjoys vigorous support of Chinese youth

Source: Xinhua Updated: 2021-06-07

BEIJING -- The century-old Communist Party of China (CPC), the world's biggest Marxist ruling party, enjoys vigorous support of the Chinese youth, which the Party deems its own, as well as China's, "future and hope."

Recently, youngsters have been actively creating and sharing video clips to introduce the Party's history online, paying respects to the numerous heroes who sacrificed their lives for the nation. Some of these videos have been viewed over 20 million times on Bilibili, a popular video-sharing platform with over 200 million monthly active users.

Looking back at history, the Chinese youth has been a crucial source of strength for the CPC since its inception. The average age of the 13 delegates of the 1st CPC National Congress in 1921 was only 28. Those young founding members were a fresh force representing the Chinese people in the search for the future of the nation, which was at that time beset by warlords and the plundering of Western powers.

After a century, the CPC's unremitting efforts to bring peace and prosperity to the land still resonate with the Chinese youth, who are expected to carry on the spirit of the revolutionary martyrs and bear their responsibility to strive for national rejuvenation.

Nurturing the young generation has always been the political responsibility of the whole Party. They care for the growth of the youngsters, addressing their concerns and supporting them in pursuing their own dreams.

The CPC attaches great importance to the Chinese youth's views on social issues and phenomena, as well as their opinions and advice on the work of the Party and the government.

The CPC has always been a great magnet for the youth. In 2019, the CPC recruited over 2.34 million new members, 80.3 percent of whom were aged 35 or younger, according to the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee.

Under the leadership of the CPC, China is closer than ever to realizing the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation despite the foreseeable and unforeseeable challenges.

As the most dynamic and creative group of the society, the Chinese youth can play a key role in shaping a modern socialist China and be a source of indispensable strength for the country in tackling the difficulties ahead. 

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