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China and UAE further cooperation to benefit people with disabilities

By Wang Yanfang Source: Updated: 2021-05-21


Zhang Haidi, chairperson of the China Disabled Persons' Federation and president of Rehabilitation International, addresses the cooperative ceremony in Beijing on May 18, 2021. [Photo by Wang Yanfang/]

China and the United Arab Emirates reached an agreement on May 18, 2021 to further the two sides' cooperation to benefit people with disabilities.

The China Disabled Persons' Federation (CDPF), a national umbrella organization for persons with diverse disabilities, and the Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination (ZHO), an executive department responsible for disability-related affairs in Emirate of Abu Dhabi, jointly launched a cooperative ceremony via video link and exchanged cooperation memorandums.


Two sides exchange cooperation memorandums at the ceremony in Beijing on May 18, 2021. [Photo by Wang Yanfang/]

 Ni Jian, Chinese ambassador to the UAE; Zhang Haidi, chairperson of the CDPF and president of Rehabilitation International (RI); Ali Al Dhaheri, UAE ambassador to China; Zhou Changkui, director of the CDPF executive council; and Abdulla Abdulalee Alhumaidan, general secretary of the ZHO, attended the ceremony.

The ZHO and the CDPF previously launched a sign language project together that has achieved fruitful results. Under the project, they released a UAE-China Sign Language Dictionary to increase exchanges between people with hearing impairments in the two countries and this has provided a solid guarantee for cooperation between the two sides in disability-related areas. On this basis, the two sides are willing to step up continuous mutual cooperation.

Alhumaidan said the cooperation between the ZHO and the CDPF will become a model protecting people with disabilities and empowering them.

Ni said the event will be a new achievement as China and the UAE continue to seek cooperation in new areas and also a push for the two peoples to further develop friendship.

Zhang expressed that the relations between China and the UAE are based on a high level of mutual trust and deep-rooted friendship, and the CDPF looked forward to cooperating with the ZHO on a range of issues including disabilities, education, employment and barrier free environments, so that they can make new contributions to improving the health and well-being of people with disabilities and developing international programs for them.

As the president of RI, Zhang also invited the ZHO to join RI, a global organization and network that empowers people with disabilities, to expand beneficial cooperation for people with disabilities.


Ali Al Dhaheri, UAE ambassador to China, addresses the cooperative ceremony in Beijing on May 18, 2021. [Photo by Wang Yanfang/]

Dhaheri hoped that the cooperation will promote the integrated development of the two sides' disability-related causes.