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CICPE: a new bridge for global brands to enter the Chinese market

Source: People's Daily Updated: 2021-05-11


Photo taken on May 5, 2021, shows colorful flowers in front of the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center, venue for the first China International Consumer Products Expo (CICPE), in Haikou, south China's Hainan province. [People's Daily Online/Shi Zhonghua]   

The first China International Consumer Products Expo (CICPE), which kicked off in Haikou, south China's Hainan province, on May 6, is conducive to all countries sharing opportunities provided by the Chinese market and conducive to global economic recovery and growth, said Chinese President Xi Jinping in a congratulatory message sent to the event.

It is hoped that guests and participants of various sectors would have in-depth communications regarding cooperation to better benefit peoples of all countries, Xi said in the message, noting that the expo serves as a global platform of displaying and trading high-end consumer products and will enable China to offer the world more quality consumer products.

As China's first national-level expo focusing on high-end consumer goods, the first CICPE, which is expected to last until May 10, has many highlights and is attracting wide attention.

Covering a total area of 80,000 square meters, it is the largest consumer goods expo in the Asia-Pacific region. Nearly 1,500 enterprises from around 70 countries and regions have participated in the event, including century-old companies from developed countries as well as famous and time-honored domestic brands.

High-quality products from across the world gather together at the expo. Many new products have made their debut at the event, while relevant industry organizations and leading enterprises have actively made purchases, which fully show the exuberant vitality and strong appeal of China's super-large market.

While providing an opportunity for displaying and trading high-end consumer products from different countries to help them get off to a flying start in the Chinese market, the CICPE also offers consumer products from various parts of China and other countries a business opportunity to reach the global market, demonstrating China's firm determination to build consensus on cooperation and promote mutual benefit and win-win results for all countries through concrete actions.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is still spreading across the world and causing a severe impact on the global economy, the world is faced with daunting tasks in global economic recovery.

In this age of economic globalization, countries share economic interdependency and intertwined interests like never before. Openness and integration is an unstoppable historical trend, and to treat each other with sincerity and pursue shared benefits is the fundamental solution to maintaining state-to-state relations in today's world.

Openness is essential for development and progress, and holds the key to post-COVID economic recovery, as Xi pointed out.

In the face of the current crisis, only by fighting the virus together and developing an open world economy can countries accelerate global economic recovery and eventually steer the global economy out of the gloom of the pandemic as quickly as possible.

China's development is inseparable from the world, and the world needs China for prosperity.

By hosting the CICPE following the China Import and Export Fair (or the Canton Fair), China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) and China International Import Expo (CIIE), China has shown a strong sense of responsibility as a major country and made clear to the world its sincere wish to share with other countries the opportunities of its market and promote world economic recovery.

Through arduous efforts of the Chinese people, China has made major strategic achievements in the fight against the COVID-19, and witnessed steady recovery of its economy.

In the first quarter this year, China's gross domestic product (GDP), consumption, investment, and other major economic indicators all saw double-digit growth. The country's imports of consumer goods rose by 18.1 percent year on year during the period, continuing maintaining momentum for rapid growth.

Such sound economic growth has fully manifested the great resilience and huge development potential of the Chinese economy, and will provide more business opportunities and broader development space for companies from all over the world.

China is ready to give play to the advantages brought by the Hainan free trade port in comprehensively deepening reforms and putting up the highest-level opening-up policies on a trial basis, and deepen bilateral, multilateral, and regional cooperation and work with all sides in building a better future for humanity, Xi stressed.

Based on a scientific analysis of the new stage of its development, the country will stay committed to its new development philosophy, and actively foster a new development paradigm with domestic circulation as the mainstay and domestic and international circulations reinforcing each other.

China will continue upholding openness, cooperation and unity for win-win results, steadfastly expand all-round opening up, and explore more efficient ways to connect domestic and foreign markets and share factors of production and resources, Xi said last November in his keynote speech delivered at the opening ceremony of the third CIIE.

By doing so, it intends to turn its market into a global market, a market shared by all, and a market accessible to all, and inject more positive energy to world economic recovery and development.

As Xi said in his keynote speech at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2021 last month, by setting sail together, countries could ride the wind, break the waves, and brave the journey of ten thousand miles.

Looking into the future, China is willing to deepen exchanges and seek cooperation with other countries, and join hands with the rest of the world to create opportunities in opening-up, tackle difficult problems through cooperation, and jointly foster a brighter future for humanity. 

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